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Airbag Ship Launching Project in Caribbean Area

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Airbag ship launching technology blooms all around the world by its safety and efficiency nowadays.Even in South America, people involved in ship building can also find this innovative ship launching method in local shipyards,
Eversafe Marine engineering Company strive to serve global clients for marine engineering projects. But for South America, we only once contracted ship launching projects for Chile one country. Last year Eversafe was invited to Surinam shipyards for providing ship launching airbags and launch service. That shipyard is invested by China Timber Resources Group and the biggest one in Caribbean area.
The first constructed cargo ship named “Zhongmu 1” which means China Timber NO. 1 ship . This DWT 1700 ship will mainly be used for transporting wood out of Guyana It took less than one year to complete the construct and was launched on February 26 2009 by Evergreen ship launching marine airbags. It is the first cargo ship build in Surinam so the launch ceremony was held ceremoniously. Surinamese Minister of Forestry, Minister of Transportation, Guyanese Minister of Agriculture, Ambassador Su Ge, Counsellor Cai Shuizeng attended the ceremony.(
The launch process is commonplace for Eversafe engineers since the launch weight is only 400 tons and other launch conditions are good. We only need to supervise workers doing job according to the launch plan. The launch looks like a magic show with people hail all the time.
The success launch give Eversafe another contract for the succedent “Zhongmu 2” launch in 2010. The DWT 1800 cargo ship “Zhongmu 2” is the second ship built in PARAMARIBO Surinam invested by China Timber Resources Group. It takes 8 months to complete the build which shorten two months and also the cut the 3,000,000 RMB cost compare with the “Zhongmu 1” build. And cranes are equipped on “Zhongmu 2” to enable goods loading at Surinamese inland ports without heavy equipments.
The ship was launched at May 29. 2010 by ship launching airbags. Chinese Ambassador Yuan cut the ribbon at the launch ceromony, some local officers attended the launch also.

To launch vessels weigh less than 3000 tons with ship launching airbags (also called marine airbags) needs no constructed slipways. The common ground with enough bearing capacity is enough. For big vessel launch by airbags, concrete slipway will be better but the demand for it is much less than traditional slipway. So airbag ship launching can save most time and investment to help clients get advantages in fierce competition.