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Heavy lift MPV launched with marine airbags in Xinshun Shipyard

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On October 25 Eversafe marine engineering company successfully launched a DWT 17000 heavy-lift MPV using ship launching marine airbags for Xinshun shipyard in Zhejiang province.
That double decks MPV measures 143.85 meters in total length,13.5 meters in breadth and 13.5 meters in moulded depth.It is equiped with two 250 tons and one 150 tons cranes. The design speed of MPV reach 16.3 knot. It is the first build ship get GL certification in the local area.
Eversafe Marine Engineering Company has executed 6 ship launching projects for this shipyard in the past two years.Airbag ship launching technology can shorten vessels’ delivery time and save launching slipway’s investment so it is warmly welcomed by most shipyards.
Eversafe technical team collected needed information of vessel ,slipway and water survey data and executed adequate calculation. The results from calculation shows during marine airbags lift and launch stage the safety coefficient is above 6 and 3 times respectively which measure up.
Ship launching airbags are all inspected from airtightness to pressure test before the use. Total 45 pieces ship launching airbags were employed to carry this launch project. At October 24, Eversafe team successfully replaced all keel supporting blocks with inflated marine airbags and adjust the inner pressures of airbags according to the plan. Before the launch the tilted angle of vessel is calibrated to be 1.6 degree to apparent horizon. This angle will determine the movement of launched vessel and the safety of launch so it need repeated calculation and computer simulation confirmation.
At October 25, when the high tide reached expected height shipyard’s dockmaster pulled the trigger of starting gun, then pulling steel ropes were chopped and ship started to move into the water by riding rolling marine airbags.The audiences’ hurrah and Chinese fireworks resound across the sky.
Qingdao Eversafe marine engineering Company is devoted be excellent by over ten years accumulation of executing marine airbags engineering projects. Eversafe can offer clients full service for airbag ship launching from design of slipway to detailed calculation. Never satisfied,always on the road is the motto of Eversafe people.