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Research & Development

In cooperation with Chinese famous university, Eversafe Marine Engineering Company gets advanced research lab and profound theory support which enable Eversafe to hold the leading position in maritime industry.

Eversafe creates the first mathematic model of marine airbags and develops scientific
calculation of airbag ship launching which was proved to be accurate by hundreds of successful completed projects. Eversafe is the only company who did scientific tests of real ship launching with airbags in the world. So Eversafe is geting closer and closer to the truth of airbag ship launching.

Base on the research achievement Eversafe optimize marine airbags’ structure and manufacture technology continuously. Eversafe developed a 3D simulation software to help engineers design and test marine engineering projects.
Eversafe gathers talented people to develop new poromerics to design new generation
marine fenders. The new foam rubber fender which get more than ten years lifespan in fierce environment is released now.