Eversafe Marine provides turnkey project service for ship launching, ship docking and heavy lifting

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What can we do

Ship launching and dry docking

Eversafe Marine provide one stop service for client’s ships launching and dry docking projects, includes ,

  1.  Engineering design on load & pressure calculation
  2.  Safe launching & moving operation
  3.  Risk assessment
  4.  Providing air bag launching system including necessary accessories
  5.  Mobilize & demobilize of launching equipment
  6.  Providing engineer/supervisor & technicians/workers
  7.  Consultation for projects
  8. Trainning

Heavy lifting and relocation

Sometimes heavy relocation associates with heavy lifting, need to lift heavy up them move it.Using airbag , we can handle with

  1. LPG Tank in cargo holds
  2. Oil tanks
  3. Concrete structure
  4. Vessel blocks
  5. Building with strong structure strength

 Buoyancy assist

  1. Reduce vessel draft
  2. Float structure, tube, platform
  3. Refloat sunk vessel


Eversafe Marine is the professional air bag engineering company , specializing in air bag launching, vessel hauling out, heavy lift and transportation. His engineering design  get approval of LR and CCS both. Eversafe Marine has good track records of serving top famous clients around the world.